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The Oceanarium’s exhibits provide visitors with a window into the everyday lives of the incredible creatures beneath the waves and along the shores of Maine, plus the people who depend on them.

Our Exhibits

29-Foot Authentic Indoor Lobster Boat ›
2000 Gallons of Authentic Gulf of Maine Habitat in Nine Tanks ›
Rare Blue, Calico, & Orange Maine Lobsters ›
650-Gallon Touch Pool ›

29-Foot Authentic Indoor Lobster Boat

Climb aboard our 29-foot authentic indoor lobster boat! It’s a great place for kids (and adults) to play and explore and learn about lobstering.
Climb Aboard Our 29-Foot Authentic Indoor Lobster Boat Indoor Lobster Boat Exhibit
This isn’t some boat-like structure built in an exhibit workshop. The Audrey M is the real thing—a full-size, genuine lobster boat that kids and adults can climb on to get a feel for what it’s like to be on a working lobster boat (and yes, our building was actually built around the boat).
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2,000 Gallons of Authentic Gulf of Maine Habitat in Nine Tanks

Our Saltwater Animal Aquaria consists of 2,000 Gallons of authentic Gulf of Maine habitat in nine tanks (so far).
Touch Tanks at the Oceanarium
Species vary, but usually include colored lobsters, lumpfish, hermit and green crabs, sea stars, anemone and many more marine animals.
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Rare Blue & Orange Maine Lobsters

The Oceanarium is home to three genuine and rare blue, cotton candy, and orange Maine lobsters. These beautiful 10-legged crustaceans are Maine lobsters like you’ve never seen them before.

Come meet Blueberry, the cotton candy lobster, Tangerine, our feisty orange lobster, and Blackberry our blue lobster.


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650-Gallon Touch Pool

The Oceanarium’s huge 650-gallon touch pool features all sorts of marine inhabitants, all ready to meet you up close.

Oceanarium Touch Pools Oceanarium Touch Pools

Our tank is brimming with sea stars, horseshoe crabs, fin fish, sea cucumbers, and more!

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