The Maine Ocean Festival

About The Maine Ocean Festival

The Maine Ocean Festival came into existence when the staff at the Oceanarium brainstormed about creating our first annual fundraiser to support our mission of providing educational exhibits and programs for all ages on local ecology, marine biology and research, citizen science, dark skies, fisheries and aquaculture, and STEM education in partnership with Maine schools.

With our focus being the Gulf of Maine and families, creating an event surrounding World Ocean Day, held every year on June 8, seemed like a no-brainer. World Ocean Day unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our blue planet and it seemed a perfect backdrop for our festival.


The Maine Ocean Festival will host speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities to the Gulf of Maine as well as educate us on the marine life that exists beneath the ocean’s surface and along our shores. The speakers will challenge us to take action and to think deeply about how our individual efforts can aid in the health and existence of the Gulf of Maine.

We will also host a carnival with games, art, live music, and local Maine artists where children can play, interact, and learn about the Ocean.

We also invite everyone to enjoy the Oceanarium and our many incredible exhibits including our a 29-Foot authentic indoor lobster boat, 2000 gallons of authentic Gulf of Maine habitat, rare Maine lobsters, a brand new Jellyfish exhibit, and a 650-gallon touch pool.